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incognito in safari on iPhone, iPad and mac

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incognito in safari

On Apple devices, Incognito mode is known as “Private Browsing” in Safari. It allows you to browse the internet anonymously without having it recorded and kept on your device. Your browsing history, most recent searches, and other activity information are not kept in Safari when you surf incognito. Additionally, websites cannot monitor you using cookies. When you leave the incognito browsing mode, Safari will delete all cookies and site data pertaining to that browsing session. Apple intends to advance this private surfing experience by enabling you to lock private Safari tabs with Face ID in the most recent versions of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma. This article will explain how to use Safari’s incognito mode.

incognito in safari

How To Go Incognito In Safari On iPhone?

You must switch to private browsing mode in order to use Safari on an iPhone incognito. The procedure is quick, simple, and hassle-free. Apple will not trace your search history when you use Safari’s incognito mode, and nothing from your private browsing session will be transferred to iCloud. To activate incognito mode on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Touch the tabs icon in the bottom right of Safari after opening it.
  • To view the Tab Groups, touch [Numbers] Eyelashes. After that, select Private.
  • By touching the Made or the “+” button, you can open a new private tab in Safari.
  • It is also quicker to use incognito mode on an iPhone. Click the tabs button while Safari is open, then choose the New private tab.
  • In lieu of a white or gray address bar, Safari’s incognito mode displays a black or dark one.
  • Now that you have Safari open on your iPhone, you may access a website and begin browsing secretly.

How To Excite Incognito Mode In Safari On iPhone?

  • Select Private from the bottom center of Safari by tapping the tabs button.
  • To escape private browsing mode in Safari on an iPhone, touch [numbers] Eyelash.

incognito in safari


How To Go Incognito In Safari On iPad?

The procedures for entering incognito mode in Safari on an iPad are the same as those for an iPhone. Let’s examine them closely:

  • Long-press the tabs symbol in Safari.
  • To use incognito mode in Safari on the iPad, tap the New Private tab.
  • In Safari, the address bar will darken or become black, and the buttons will likewise change from blue to black, indicating that you are browsing secretly.

How To Excite Incognito In Safari On iPad?

  • To view the list of tab groups once you are in Safari, tap the Tabs button, then touch Private.
  • Finally, to end Safari incognito mode on the iPad, hit the [numbers] Eyelashes button. You can click the + button to go to a new website or open an existing one.

Please be aware that the previous technique just changes from private browsing mode to regular browsing mode and does not close any private tabs. Read my article on how to master Canva if you want to explore other software like a pro.

How To Go Incognito In Safari On Mac?

Incognito mode is simple to access in Safari on Mac, just like it is on iPhone and iPad. run Safari and follow the straightforward steps, or run Safari on a Mac and use the keyboard shortcut for private surfing. What you should do is:

  • Click Archive in the top menu bar after starting Safari.
  • You can browse privately in Safari on the Mac by selecting New Private Window.
  • As an alternative, you can open Safari’s incognito mode by pressing the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + N on a Mac.
  • When the incognito mode is active in Safari on a Mac, a black smart search field with white text will be visible.
  • Safari will not share any data between tabs if you open numerous tabs in a Private Browsing window; instead, each tab will operate as a separate private session.

How to set Safari’s incognito mode as the default

You can select to always launch Safari in incognito mode for private browsing if you’re a privacy-conscious user. When you do this, Safari on your Mac will automatically start a private window. What you should do is:

  • Click on Safari -> Settings in the navigation bar when the browser has opened.
  • Choose a new private window under “Safari opens with” in the General tab.
  • If you don’t see this option, turn on the “Close windows when exiting an application” option in the Apple menu’s System Settings under Desktop & Dock.

How To Excite Incognito in safari on mac?

Open Safari on your Mac, dismiss the secret window and open a standard window to get out of incognito mode. Alternatively, you can type the keyboard shortcut Command + N or choose File from the menu bar and select New window.


Ever wonder what precisely Safari Private Browsing accomplishes? It’s possible that it’s not providing you with the level of online privacy you want. There are some benefits to using Safari Private Browsing, such as:

  • Safari’s ability to remember your previous website visits can be shut
  • Not storing any new logins, passwords, credit card numbers, or other data you enter for private surfing
  • forgetting all of your search engine inquiries
  • enabling you to save money by staying away from marketing cookies that could drive up prices

incognito in safari

But with Safari Private Browsing, this is pretty much the extent of your privacy protection. If you utilize this incognito mode, your IP address won’t be secretive, your internet traffic won’t be kept a secret, and you won’t be safe on public Wi-Fi. You must use a VPN to change your IP address if you want to be really anonymous online. One of the fastest VPN services in the business is ExpressVPN, and we love it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Safari incognito good?

Your ISP, the people in charge of the network, and some websites that log your IP address might still be able to see what you do online. Private browsing is a fantastic technique to keep your online activity off the radar of other users when using a shared computer, but it does not completely guarantee your online anonymity.

Is safari private safer than incognito?

You are still largely subject to the dangers that come with connecting to the internet even though you are browsing privately.

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