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how to use canva like pro?

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canva like pro

If you currently use Canva’s free edition and are contemplating upgrading to Canva Pro, there is one thing you must know: Is Canva Pro worth it? Personally, I think Canva Pro is a superb graphic design tool with a ton of features and great functionality (hey, one-click background removal!). I especially adore the big stock photo collection, moreover, which makes the upgrade worthwhile in and of itself. Take a look at the differences between Canva Pro and the free Canva plan rather than taking my word for it, and then you can determine if the premium version of Canva is worthwhile for you.

As part of this Canva Pro Review, we’ll examine:

  • What is Canva? What’s the difference between Canva free and paid?
  • Cost of Canva Pro
  • how to obtain free Canva Pro
  • Let’s look at it.

canva like pro

What Is Canva?

I’ll quickly describe Canva in case you’ve never built your own marketing materials. Canva is a drag-and-drop online graphic design tool that makes it incredibly simple to generate graphics for your business, including logos, ebooks, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, and pretty much anything else you would need. It has a vast library of photos, videos, and fonts, as well as a ton of additional design components, such as textures, backdrop images, and audio files with background music and sound effects. Additionally, there are a ton of templates available for just about anything you could want to design, so even if you lack creativity, you can still produce stunning graphics in no time.

The nice part about Canva is that you can perform the majority of typical tasks, including making Pinterest pins and other social media graphics, using the free plan without needing to upgrade to Canva Pro. On Canva Pro, there are undoubtedly a lot of useful tools. However, I adore Canva Pro for its enormous selection of stock photos, additional storage, and the useful resize feature that lets you make many versions of a single design. Do you think it’s worthwhile to use Canva’s paid version?

Key Features Of Canva Pro:

  • Photo and videos:

Access to the entire photo collection. You can add free of charge more than 60M images, movies, illustrations, icons, and other components to your projects with this library.

  • Fonts:

You can upload your own font files and have access to the entire font library, which contains more than 1000 fonts.

  • Brand Kit:

With Canva Brand Kit, it’s simple to keep all of your designs consistent. Furthermore, create up to 100 color palettes with up to 100 colors each, together with your logo files, typefaces, and font families.

  • Templates:

With 20.000 premium templates available.

  • Folders:

Free access to folders for organizing your work.

  • Storage:

100 GB of space.

  • Team Access:

Send a team member an email with a link to one of your designs so they may examine, change, or use it as a template. If you wish to sell Canva templates, you absolutely need to have this feature. This function significantly improves upon Canva’s previous “share a link to edit” option. Your effort would be lost if someone bought one of your templates and forgot to create a duplicate before changing it (which is quite simple to accomplish). Moreover, they can obtain a duplicate of your template rather than the original when you use the “Share a link as template” feature.

canva like pro

  • Resize your design:

The magic resize feature will hasten the design process. One design can be easily transformed into several formats. You will have a ton of time to spare thanks to this incredibly fantastic feature. Moreover, check out this video to see how simple it is to magically resize your designs.

  • Transparent background:

With only one click, remove distracting backgrounds and export your graphic as a transparent PNG file. The ability to save a logo design is another great use for this feature. If you want to know about my next software read my article 10 best PC optimizer tools.

  • Animations:

11 animation options are available for your design.

Disadvantage Of Canva Pro:

You can’t use Canva offline, which can be an issue for some users. Canva won’t work for you if your connection is slow or you don’t always have access to it. However, with the exception of this little flaw, which both Canva Pro and the free version of Canva share, I believe Canva to be an excellent editing tool that you should absolutely give a try.

Latest Canva Pro Features:

A Content Planner & Scheduler has been added to Canvas Pro features. You can now create, schedule, and plan social media posts directly from your Canva account thanks to this fantastic new feature.

You may schedule posts using the Canvas content planner to:

a group or page on Facebook
Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, and Pinterest
Moreover, another fantastic time-saving feature is that you can complete anything inside Canva rather than downloading and uploading to a different website.

Pricing Of Canva Pro:

You may be wondering exactly how much Canva Pro costs. Using the Canva Pricing plans that follow, let’s find out. The following price options are available when you upgrade to Canva Pro: The cost each month for the Canva Pro Monthly Plan is $12.95 USD. Furthermore, the monthly fee for this is cancellable at any time. The Canva Pro Annual Plan has a monthly fee of $9.95 and an annual fee of $119.40. You can sign up for Canva Enterprise for $30 per month if you have a big crew.
You can apply for Canva Pro for free if you are a nonprofit organization, student, or teacher.


If you’re a teacher, student, or member of a nonprofit organization, you can receive Canva Pro for nothing. Simply apply after choosing the appropriate plan. You can use Canva Pro for free by registering for a one-month trial even if you’re not a teacher, student, or member of a nonprofit organization. Moreover, it’s a terrific opportunity to test out all the Pro features and decide whether or not to upgrade. You can end your free trial at any moment before the 30-day period is complete if you decide against upgrading.

Alternatives To Canva Pro:

  • Browser-Based Alterntives:

Key substitutes for browser-based programs include Visme, VistaCreate (formerly Crello), and Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark). However, these relatively inexpensive graphic design tools make it simple for non-professional designers to produce visual content. (If you’re curious about learning more about these programs, check out our comparisons of Canva vs. VistaCreate, Canva vs. Adobe Express, and Visme vs. Canva.)

  • Adobe Apps:

It’s tempting to consider desktop Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere—as well as other tools available in an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription—as direct competition for Canva. However, they are very different types of animals. While Adobe products frequently require you to obtain assets “outside” of them, Canva has a built-in collection of graphics, stock pictures, and videos. However, they are still excellent tools for combining graphic components, and ultimately, they are much more useful than Canva. (Read our in-depth comparison of Canva vs Photoshop to understand more about the variations between Canva and Adobe Photoshop.)

  • Web design tools:

Despite the fact that Canva is theoretically a web design tool, there are actually better platforms for creating websites. A few examples include Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, and Shopify.


Canva is a top-notch online tool for graphic design. Everything from making simple photo edits to designing images for social media to creating flyers and documents can be done with it. It has a ton of features and costs only $12.95 per month, which is a great deal. In addition, they offer an incredibly generous free plan, and their customer support is absolutely outstanding. It provides entrepreneurs and marketers with an outstanding design experience.

canva like pro

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any way to use canvas pro for free?

New users of Canva Pro are given a 30-day free trial. This is a fantastic method for students to test out Canva Pro’s advanced capabilities before deciding to subscribe. Visit the Canva Pro website and click the “Start your 30-day free trial” button to register for a free trial.


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