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Best video trimmer for pc in 2023

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Numerous free online video trimmer websites are now available as a result of fast Internet connections, advanced processing technologies, and cloud computing. Finding out which is the finest and which is the worst, however, is challenging.It supports all AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved), MXF (Material Exchange Format), etc. files. This application enables you to perform undo to revert the action you have performed. Some are simply terrible, while others are mildly sinister or questionable. Here is a list of the top 10+ free online video trimmers. If you’re having trouble deciding which one is right for you.



How Come Online  Best Video Trimmer For PC In 2023?

When there are so many excellent offline (downloadable) video trimmers available, why would anyone use free “online” trimmers? Even Windows itself has a built-in video trimmer. Simply select “Open With” from the context menu when you right-click your movie and choose “Photos.” A button labeled “Edit & Create” may be found at the upper right of the GUI. When you click it, the video trimming feature is available for you to use. The terrible thing is that the built-in Windows video editor is identical to the Mac version. It takes a long time to process, is very simple, and does not provide frame-by-frame editing. The majority of consumers, therefore, favor a free online video trimmer over a pre-installed product.

Top 7 free best  Video Trimmer For PC In 2023:

The popularity of online trimmers is due to a variety of factors. The kind of video trimmers that people download frequently contain spyware, bloatware, and ransomware. Even those that make a clean claim have obscenely obvious security flaws. Another common factor is that many online trimmers permit trimming and resolution, file type, and format conversions that are not supported by downloading tools. Additionally, even, the best free video trimmer in the world, is so cruelly difficult to use that learning how to use it would take weeks of instruction.

Utilizing an online trimmer is frequently the simplest and most straightforward solution. fast upload, cut, convert, possibly apply effects, and download. It is faster, simpler, and frequently carries a lower chance of security lapses, identity theft, and malware issues. As a result, in this section, I examine the top 10+ online video trimmers that are simple to use for both experienced users and those who only require a few cuts. The Wondershare video cutter is one of them at the top.



  • Simplified:

Simplified is unquestionably at the top of the list of the best video trimmers available. But why is it so outstanding? Well, to begin with, it’s quite user-friendly. You won’t have any trouble navigating the software, even if you have no prior expertise with video editing. Additionally, it provides more sophisticated options for individuals who want to do more with their movies. You can trim videos in AVI, MP4, MOV, and other formats using Simplified.

To help you make your video more aesthetically appealing, Simplified also offers a large range of filters, effects, animations, stickers, icons, and other design elements. Simplified makes sure the original quality of your videos is retained when downloaded, regardless of whether you select to use one of the millions of watermark-free videos in the media library or one that you’ve submitted. And even then, this isn’t the finest part. Other features of Simplified include a brand kit manager to make sure you can readily access brand materials, an AI writer to assist you in writing copy or captions for your video, and many more.

Key features:
  1. Limitless icons, animations, stickers, and filters are available.
  2. Cut long videos frame by frame for a simpler editing process.
  3. suitable for both Mac and PC.
  4. many fonts and design elements.
  • Joyoshare media cutter:

Software for editing videos that is simple to use is Joyoshare Media Cutter. One of the best video trimmers is thought to be this one. It supports a wide number of output formats, including AVI, MPEG, MP4, and others, and allows you to trim and edit clips. Additionally, you can add frames and additional effects to your video. To learn about the latest software developments, make sure to take a look at my article on Commander One version 3.

Key features:
  1. clipping and trimming video
  2. Combine audio and video
  3. Change settings
  4. Support for Windows and Mac is simple to use.
  • Movavi Video Editor:

With the help of the video editing program Movavi Video Editor, you can trim and combine many videos into one, as well as add text, music, and special effects to your videos. The tool is not entirely free, it should be highlighted. It does, however, provide a free 7-day trial.

Key features:
  1. video clip trimming and chopping
  2. Your videos can include music and text.
  3. able to be accessed in a variety of languages and is iOS and PC compatible.
  • Weeny free video cutter:

An application called Weeny Free Video Cutter is made to assist you in trimming video files and converting them to other file kinds like MP4, MPG, AVI, WMV, MP3, and OGG. With a clear interface that allows you to choose the area of the movie you want to trim and save the edited video to a new file, it is made to be simple and simple to use. A variety of video formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, and others, are supported by the software. It is a practical tool for swiftly condensing lengthy recordings or deleting unnecessary portions from a video.

Key features:
  1. Reduce the size of video files.
  2. wide-ranging video format support.
  3. easy-to-use UI that is straightforward.
  4. flexible quality controls.
  5. Check out the edited video
  • Bandicut video cutter:

Bandicut is renowned as a lightning-quick video cutting/joining tool with a simple user interface. Customers can cut short video parts while preserving the quality of the original video. You can choose the section of the video that you want to edit, save the trimmed video to a new file, and then use the user-friendly interface to do so. The Bandicut is compatible with dozens of different video file types, including AVI, MP4, MOV, and others. Additionally, you can watch the altered video using the preview tool before saving it.



Key features:
  1. video splitting and video merging.
  2. the capability to include audio in video files.
  3. It is an efficient tool for cutting down lengthy films.
  4. removes undesirable video parts.
  • Adobe premiere pro:

The Adobe Creative Cloud toolkit includes the video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro. Professionals in the film and television industries, as well as amateur content developers and videographers, frequently use it.

Key features:
  1. the ability to non-linearly edit your video clip.
  2. You can layer and combine various elements in your project by including several audio and video tracks.
  3. A real-time preview of your adjustments is possible thanks to the playback engine.
  4. tools and effects for color grading and audio editing built-in.
  • IMovie:

Every new Apple product, including Macs and iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, includes iMovie, a user-friendly video editing program. With its straightforward user interface and selection of fundamental capabilities, it’s an excellent tool for beginners to get started with video editing. You can quickly load your video content into iMovie, edit and split clips, apply transitions and effects, and export your finished work for sharing.

Key features:
  1. Utilize pre-existing themes to give your films a professional look.
  2. iMovie’s integrated title editor allows you to add personalized titles and credits to your videos.
  3. You can add sound effects and music from your own or the iMovie library, as well as change the level of your audio tracks.
  4. To make your movie move smoothly from one scene to the next, you can add transitions between video segments.


For the majority of trimming tasks, there are tools on this page. Smaller video uploading and processing technologies are available, making them ideal for social media video creators. Then there are tools that can handle a big, bulky file and are useful for folks who care a lot about the video and file output quality. It is unfortunate that some of these apps charge for extra editing services. But all of these tools in this article will be helpful if you want to reduce your films for free. Please feel free to share our article about the 7 greatest free online video trimmers on social media if it was helpful to you. Inform your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best video trim?

The best program for trimming movies on Windows 10 is PowerDirector (for a step-by-step tutorial, see the part above titled “How to Trim Video on Windows and Mac”). You can also use the Photos app on Windows 10 to crop videos. Just click on Photos, and then select Video Editor.

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