Commander one version 3: The Ultimate File Management Tool

Because most users are familiar with the built-in version, file managers have always had a difficult situation. If you ever wanted more access or control, using third-party file managers was absolutely necessary. We have gone a long way since then, and with a brand-new generation of power users, file managers had to adapt in order to meet the demands. As a result of all of this, they are now a fantastic option for all power users on the market. Regular users probably think it is unnecessary to utilize a separate application to handle their files. Finder is a free program that comes installed with macOS and provides pretty much everything you could possibly need. However, Commander One version 3 is no longer just for power users. Once you’ve tried it, there’s no turning back, which is why we’ve provided you with the greatest Finder substitute online.

Commander One Version 3:

Commander One version 3 sounds like a great file manager with a unique name. However, a split window interface supports numerous tabs and resembles its forerunner. Users of Big Sur will immediately notice—you heard me—that Big Sur is supported. With enhanced Dark Mode and better stability right out of the box, the application now supports “macFUSE 4” and now supports “macFUSE 4” as well. With all of this, the program is excellent and ideal as an alternative. The essentials for outstanding Mac performance and file management are all crammed within Commander One version 3. Commander One version 3 is your very best choice, regardless of whether you are a power user or are still figuring out how to become a professional and fully control control your devices.


Key Features Of Commander One Version 3:

  • Show hidden files:

A useful toolbar that displays all invisible or hidden files on a folder or drive is included with Commander One. This aids in locating data that consumes storage space; I already cleaned up my drive by removing any unnecessary files.

  • Fonts and colors:

A file manager is a crucial tool that we value because it gives all tinkerers searching for the bling the opportunity to alter the theme, accent color, and fonts.

  • History and favorites:

By allowing for customization of preferences and quick access to frequently used files or folders. The history and favorite functions were helpful. In order to make it simple for me to access all the data, including those in the cloud. I also included a few options, such as direct access to the media drive.

commander version 3

  • Customizable hotkeys:

As it did for us, the feature will be excellent for power users. The hotkeys functionality is great for reducing time spent on tasks and completing everything with a single click. Hotkeys for copying and pasting text and quickly accessing music were among the most basic. Read my article on the Discord server if you want to learn more about other top software.

  • Unlimited tabs:

Users who want to access numerous locations at once. Also has a wonderful option with unlimited tabs and panels, and the function is great. However, it has issues with RAM management, which hampered us as soon as we had ten tabs open.

  • File operations queue:

To improve application efficiency and user experience. Queued tasks are those that involve copying files or deleting many batches of files with a single click.

  • Zip support:

The zip support was a great improvement that made it possible to properly compress and extract all compressed files. In our testing, we found that zips functioned flawlessly, however, formats like RAR required more time to open.

  • Root access:

If you know how to use it, root access support is one of the best features. Any developers or creators that work on coding or programming various programs need root access. Root access is not only useful for regular users but also for evaluating beta or upcoming applications. The file manager’s features were briefly covered above; the important ones that stood out to us as the best and worst are listed below.

commander version1

How Does Commander One Version 3 Work?

There are two versions of One Commander. Both conventional software that you install on your computer and that you can obtain from the Microsoft Store and the portable version, which requires no installation and can be downloaded directly from the publisher’s website, are both available for download. When opening Microsoft Office documents, the version available from the Microsoft Store has a permissions issue, although this issue is not present in the portable version. Since there were no issues or bugs there when we utilized the portable version, we commend it to you.

When One Commander is running, a pleasant user interface with three sections is displayed. The first shows all of your hard disk partitions, quick links to the most crucial directories, such as Downloads, My Computer (This PC), Music, Videos, and more, as well as a history section with quick links to frequently used files and directories. You can do all operations in the other two panels, which are identical and set aside for displaying files and directories, much like in Windows File Explorer. This entails that you can handle 7-ZIP, ZIP, and RAR archives in addition to creating, renaming, and moving folders, files, and archives.

As with any current internet browser, there are tabs at the top of both panels that you may add by simply hitting the plus button. Even the most discerning users should be able to customize the program to their preferences because the settings allow you to fine-tune the functionality of the application in great detail. Additionally, One Commander offers a choice of themes, each of which can be specified further.



Commander One welcomes new features and enhancements regarding performance and multitasking that make it worthwhile to pay for, but only if you’re seeking the “Pro” upgrade, even though it lacks the simplicity of the built-in Finder application. However, if you’re a standard user without a need for additional access or functionality, the built-in file manager should work just fine for you. We’ll leave it at that and hope that the review has inspired you to look for something that will completely alter your workspace and perspective on file managers. Please share your thoughts on using the file explorer and how it performed in your day-to-day life in the comment area below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between commander one version 3 pro and free?

Has all of One Commander’s fundamental features and is free for personal use. Advanced Personal or Commercial Use Advantage: advanced features that are listed in settings. Choosing your chosen Command Shell is one of them.

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