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ShareX: The Ultimate Screen Capture and Sharing Tool

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what is sharex

When you examine for free screen capture, you will certainly come across ShareX across screen capture. It is free open-source software, and it is accessible to Windows users only. ShareX is the highest recording software accessible. The main feature is that it is freely obtainable and open source. Moreover, it can assist you in recording files, videos, and GIFs, as long as you have FFmpeg. The most important feature of ShareX is that you can use the photo editor to extract the peak of your Desktop or window before proceeding with a screenshot. It also allows you to transfer text, images, folders, and other files.


ShareX is well-liked for providing users with various choices for recording the screen as per demands. Jaex and Michael Delpach introduced ShareX. It initially started as a project known as ZScreen in 2007, Further, in 2010 a similar project known as ZUploader started with a position to revise ZScreen’s characteristics and was later entered ZUploader. However, it is perfect for those who desire editing, recording, and video-sharing choices below a single program. It is a free recorder. You may capture your screen beside the webcam vibes.If you are looking for a Windows optimizer tool that can make your day-to-day workflow smooth and hassle-free, then check out our latest review of Restoro Windows Optimizer.

How To Install And Use ShareX?

ShareX screen recorder is accessible for Windows users. It is free to use, install, and download. However, you have to download ShareX from its web page. Here we will provide you with a review of how you may record and capture tasks on the screen.

Task Automation

  1. Install, run, and download ShareX from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Firstly, you may open ShareX through opening it from the start.
  3. Then, let’s suppose you need to capture a Website properly. For this, you can use ShareX’s browsing capture. For the same, click on the reed next to capture and choose scrolling capture.
  4. However, you will be demanded even if you need to capture a specific window or a needed area. Choose an option and then click on start scrolling capture.
  5. Therefore, I possessed to pick to open the screen capture after capture tasks. The screen captured has opened in a photo editor where I can explain this screen capture.

Key Features Of ShareX:

  • Multiple Capture Modes:

ShareX offers fast and stress-free procedures for you to take a screenshot of any region, entire screen, or window.

  • Task Automation:

How to install a software

You can place automatic tasks utilizing the ShareX screen capture tool and screen recorder. Such as, you can choose from several After upload tasks and After capture tasks. This indicates you won’t manually have to execute steps or will have to execute minimum actions. There is a scope of mechanical tasks you may execute after you have captured the screen.

  • Video Recorder:

However, other than proceeding screenshots, you can also record your screen in the form of GIFs or videos.

  • Image Editor:

There is a fixed image editor in ShareX that permits you to manually correct the screenshots you take. Therefore, there is no requirement to utilize another photo editor such as Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.

  • Easy Screen Capture Sharing:

ShareX authorizes you to share any screenshot, GIF, or videos you have captured with a mechanical upload characteristic that transfers them online immediately and copies their link to the holder of the form.

  • what is sharexVarious Upload Options:

Moreover, This permits you to transfer your screenshots or recorded videos along with 80 unlike organizing services like FTP, Mega, Google Drive, Dropbox, Pastebin, and Imgur.


  • Completely free for all features.
  • The easy intersection that’s simple to steer and approaches with a lot of main and useful characteristics.
  • You can modify an alternative key to secure your instructions, and also what host it exchanges the file to.
  • Extract screenshots, and record screen GIFs, videos, or audio in one or different types of monitors at your will.
  • Further, the auto exchange characteristic provides you to upload all your videos, GIFs, and screenshots to their server.


  • Not accessible to Mac users.
  • The distributed links to the photos you have uploaded will run out gradually.
  • Even though with an easy interface, ShareX is still a bit complexed and unwieldy for beginners to use, as it has a broad variety of choices. However, some users proposed that it’d be best to add a little lesson on the conception of program use, and some points for the best understanding of software characteristics are also needed.
  • Moreover, the scrolling window capture does not always work as anticipated.

ShareX Pricing:

ShareX is free open-source software issued below General Public License. That means anyone can modify, share, and use it without paying any fee. Although, you may provide the developers to support them in their constant performance of modernizing the supplications. However, besides efficient edict currency, The software also receives contributions in several digital currencies, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The little amount you may donate is $5. To motivate more contributions and show its recognition for contributors.

Software Cost

Moreover, ShareX also produced a Dashboard that shows the name of the contributors and the amount they have contributed. It is mainly to introduce here that ShareX provides installment services with its free screencast supplication. That means it does not characteristic of any ads. Also, no characteristic and or task on the supplication is cramped. Further, each user who is downloading and installing ShareX from there gets to use all its characteristics.


ShareX is a superior software to capture images from the screen, and change and save them on your PC. However, adaptable only with the Windows managing system. It also provides a host of screen-capturing choices. The designers could upgrade the UI of the supplication to make it an interesting option for Windows 10 users. Furthermore, the damaged scrolling capture characteristic also requires to be secure. All that think about, ShareX is one of the best free substitutes for the snip-and-sketch and window-snapping tools.


If you are looking for a Windows optimizer tool that can make your day-to-day workflow smooth and hassle-free, then check out our latest review of Restoro Windows Optimizer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is ShareX safe to use?

ShareX does not assemble any data of whatever, including directly recognizable information. It only forwards files, videos, text, images, etc.

Q. Why do people use ShareX?

ShareX can be utilized to capture the full screen of the monitor or limited screenshots. Like window capture and rectangle capture. Moreover, it can also record excited GIF files and videos using FFmpeg.

Q. Is ShareX good for low-end PC?

The low-price graphics card you may play it on is an NVIDIA Geforce 510. you will require at least 150 MB of free disk storage to install ShareX.

Q. How much Ram does ShareX use?

Memory: 256MB RAM Storage:150MB accessible space.

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