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How to Use Discord Servers in 2024

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With its exceptional voice communication capabilities, particularly for gamers, Discord Server has swiftly gained popularity as one of the finest applications. New users may find Discord servers overwhelming due to the platform’s rapid addition of numerous features. If you find yourself in that situation, let’s explore the ways in which the Discord server can be utilized. Effective communication is paramount in online gaming as it can greatly impact the outcome of the game. Undoubtedly, the Discord server’s inception in 2014 and subsequent release a year later were a result of Jason Citron’s keen observation. Does our explanation of Discord in the section “What is Discord server?” include all the fundamental aspects of this social network? Articles about statistics on the Discord server. Although the Discord server is a valuable tool for both text and voice communication, there are some individuals who are not familiar with its capabilities.

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How To Join Discord Server?

While there are numerous methods of communication available in online gaming, they often require specific hardware. One of the reasons why the Discord server is so successful is that it can operate on different platforms without any issues. For instance, it’s possible to link it to your PlayStation or Xbox account. Discord server sets itself apart from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network by being available across all gaming platforms, without any restrictions. Discord server’s case for non-gaming purposes, such as communication with family or classmates. Its value is even more significant because this goes beyond being just a gaming console.

On the left side, you will find servers and their channels. While on the right side, the list of server members is displayed. On the upper part (or lower part on mobile) of the screen, you can easily connect with your friends, search for servers, and get notified when someone mentions you in a conversation. With our paid subscription, you can join up to 200 servers. Which is twice the amount available to free users who can only join up to 100 servers?
Moreover, Discord provides the option to personalize server alerts and assign yourself a distinct nickname for every server you join. Did you know that you can invite your friends from one server to another, even if they are not part of the same server, to chat with them easily?
A server has the ability to accommodate a massive number of members, reaching up to 500,000 individuals (250,000 on a recently established server). In order to prevent connection errors when over 25,000 users are online at the same time, it is essential for the owner to reach out to Discord support and request additional server space. The server’s maximum capacity is 50 categories and 500 channels.
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How To Use Discord Server?

Maximize your productivity by multitasking with Discord. Imagine having a squad of buddies with whom you engage in thrilling combat video games every weekend. By launching Discord from any device, you and your team can easily connect to the same server without any hassle. Easily transition from boasting about our Street Fighter 6 abilities on PlayStation 5 to delighting in the gruesome fatalities of Mortal Kombat 11 on Xbox Series X. Discord is the ideal platform for cross-play gaming, as it allows players to compete with each other regardless of their console. Discord serves as an excellent substitute for Nintendo Switch Online’s inferior voice chat application.
With Discord, you have the option of creating private or public servers. Private servers are meant for spending time with your awesome buddies, rather than unfamiliar people who are eager to shout at you.
Public servers are also valuable. Public Discord servers offer the perfect blend of Reddit and Slack, allowing enthusiasts of a particular topic to come together, interact, and build their community. Enhance your server’s inside jokes by designing personalized emotes. With the power vested in them, moderators are able to enforce bans on users who exhibit problematic behavior. Game developers commonly engage with their audience through official Discord servers specifically created for their games.
WDrake and Ninja’s collaboration while playing Fortnite on Twitch in 2018 included the use of Discord for communication purposes. By synchronizing their Patreon, Twitch, or YouTube accounts with Discord, streamers have the opportunity to grant continuous server access to subscribers who remain committed to their channel, even providing rewards to their fans. Stream Jackbox games with your friends using Discord.
How To Use Discord Server

Key Features Of Discord Server:

Discord’s potential goes beyond simple friendship and server management. You can personalize your experience and improve its speed and ease of use by utilizing the diverse features and configurable options provided by the platform. You can enhance your Discord experience with an array of impressive features. Such as Markdown formatting to add style to your conversations, and personalized keybindings to streamline your navigation. Seamless integration with external applications to optimize productivity, and the ability to set up and customize bots on your server.

  • Discord Markdown:

With Markdown, you can easily add structure and flair to your writing in a simple and efficient manner. With Discord, you can apply Markdown and stylize your text with ease, achieving effects such as this, or this, or even this. This concise table presents all the various styles at a glance. Moreover, Discord offers the capability to employ code blocks and block quotes that can either be single-line or multiline. Text enclosed in backticks (`) represents a code block, while a block quote is indicated by starting a text with > and a space. By enclosing the text inside three backticks, you can create a code block with multiple lines. Similarly, with three block quotes, you can create a block of quoted text that spans multiple lines. If you want to know about new software read my article Firefox.

  • Customizable keybinding:

With a key bind, you can execute specific actions by simply pressing a few keys on your custom keyboard. Using a macro in a word processor is quite similar.
With Discord, you have the ability to assign key binds to execute specific actions. Head over to the user settings (the gear icon next to your username) and locate the “key binds” section where you can assign specific actions to your preferred keys. Creating a key bind for frequently used actions can significantly enhance efficiency and convenience. Push-to-talk, muting or deafening users, or leaving a voice channel are among the most frequently used key binds. With Discord, you can create a keybinding for virtually anything you want, so feel free to experiment with it.
  • Discord connections:

Integrating Discord with various apps like, Steam, Spotify, and Reddit is possible and can elevate your experience. By utilizing various integrations, you have the ability to display on your Discord profile your current activity, be it the song you are currently enjoying or the Steam game you are currently playing. To effortlessly incorporate any of the existing apps, simply click on your user settings icon, followed by selecting the “connections” option from the left-hand panel. Select the app’s icon you wish to link with, and you will be directed to the integration screen to complete the setup. 
  • Discord boats:

The potential of Discord bots is often overlooked, despite being one of the app’s most impressive features. In order to add bots to a server, it is essential to have administrator privileges, but the presence of bots can bring about a total overhaul in the way the server operates. The possibilities for choosing a bot are endless, and with the right coding knowledge, you can even customize your own. The bot’s features are diverse, going beyond just playing music in voice chats. It can post memes, moderate servers, configure leveling systems, and more. Enhance your experience by including role-playing games or securing your whole server with backups.

It’s important to be cautious when installing Discord bots. Since they have the potential to cause chaos in your server if not properly managed. It’s crucial to exercise caution and regularly back up your server. To avoid the potentially dangerous consequences of misconfiguring a bot with high-level privileges.
To avoid such situations, make it a habit to thoroughly go through the documentation of any bots that you plan to install. It is crucial to closely monitor how each bot utilizes the permissions. It has been granted and to refrain from granting excessive permissions beyond what the bot requires. Rather than letting a bot sit idle, it is better to remove it from your server if you are not using it.


Incredibly flexible, Discord offers a variety of options for voice and text communication, enabling you to connect with your buddies and discover individuals who share your passions. Although it can seem a bit daunting if you’re new to it, the tool is definitely worth checking out.
Engaging with your friends through voice and video calls, expanding your social circle by adding more people, exploring various servers and channels, and taking advantage of Discord’s innovative functions comprise the exciting and user-friendly Discord encounter. We aspire to simplify this experience for you.
When facing a Discord ban in your school or country, it’s essential to rely on a trustworthy Discord VPN to bypass the restrictions. Find out if Discord is truly safe by checking out our “Is Discord Safe” page and decide for yourself. If you encounter any issues while attempting to connect to voice or video channels, be sure to consult our guide on “What to do when Discord is not working” to find a solution.
How frequently do you utilize Discord? Did you set up your own server or are you currently socializing within other servers and communities? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you for taking the time to read.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Is the biggest Discord server of 2024?

By May 2023, the most in-demand Discord community was the Midjourney server, amassing around 16 million members. Users can build or link with thematic servers on the site.

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