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Paragon Partition Manager Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

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Paragon Partition

Paragon Partition Manager is one of the best suites of software tools that assist with size-up partitions, changing Disk types, designing them, and more. In this brief paragon partition manager review we will discuss the features and benefit of the software. It is a German software company that particularizes in hard drive administration. It was developed in 1994 by students from the Moscow center of physics. The company is presently based in the Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany. However, The company provides many products for home and undertaking use. Paragon Partition Manager authorizes users of windows-activated PCs to support data logically and retrieve them all the time. There are different sorts of Hard Disk Managers for private and business users with more advanced and costly.

Paragon Partition Manager Review

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Paragon Partition Manager Review:

Moreover, In Paragon Partition Manager Review it is one of the best effortless utility applications featuring charge of disk regulation devices. It has given out customers an all-around solution to control and continue their PCs. The program also features a complete scope of recovery tools and disk backup, constructing a perfect system and data regulation solution for each computer user. Paragon does not provide a free trial for its Hard Disk manager. You should pay for a contribution in advance so you can Download and use the software. The home version costs $80 for an existing license awning up to three private computers.

paragon partition manager

The business edition is much more expensive, pricing at $99 for a License that protects only one computer. It is only the number one edition that approaches with a 30-day free trial period. Paragon provides a separate License if you need to utilize the Hard Disk Manager on the window server. However, there is no secure price, so you will have to call the company’s commercial department for a private recitation. You may pay out on the official website by many choices as well as PayPal, debit card, and more. If you are not well pleased, there is a 30-day window to appeal a full payback by calling the company team.

Paragon Partition Manager Advance Features:

  1. Graphics User Interface Renovate
  2. Refine support for Microsoft Windows 10
  3. Refine support for the Apple boot base
  4. Refine retrieval Media Builder
  5. Refine posting from Legacy BIOS to UEFI BIOS
  6. Refine partitioning characteristics with file contrasting technology
  7. Makeup to 20 partitions on the same disk
  8. Convert the extent of partition without data loss
  9. Chang MBR disks to GPT disks
  10. Access dynamic volumes

How To Use Paragon Partition Manager?

After downloading Paragon Partition Manager Free, installing it is an easy mission. The system folder is not light However, you must trip upon any errors when setting up the Partition regulation program. Moreover, it takes a time to load the situation, but it is even hanging on its own. Moreover, It is clear that Paragon Partition Manager free acquire an easy and worldly interface, where you may imagine your disk and volume to obtain a great idea of disk space management. Such as if you click and pull the brink of a drive, Paragon Partition Manager for free exhibits a new window and provides to resize the partition.

how to use paragon partition manager

Moreover, it is feasible to simply run amount-related operations by setting all functions in a pending line before you may perform modifications. This method provides you the possibility to review Paragon Partition Manager for free moderation and change your mind if you have a second idea.

Pros And Cons:


  • Windows only
  • slow support times
  • No free rank

Paragon Partition Manager Price:

Paragon Partition Manager costs are very aggressive if we contrast them with competitors. However, firstly, a license that starts from $79.99 balances 3 private computers. Secondly, there is a 6 volume reduction for three licenses and a 12% cut in price for five licenses and more. Furthermore, annually Hard Disk Manager cooperates with at least two useful programs backup & recovery and disk management. Moreover, the home variety costs $80 for a lifespan license managing up to three private computers. The business version is very much costly, costing $99 for a license that supports only one computer.


However, you must note that the costs above are for private licenses only. That is surely from the home setting. To have the benefit of surprising characteristics of Paragon Hard Disk Manager in a structured setting, the business plan is the solution. Furthermore, The business plan approaches to a rather sharp cost when compared to private ideas. Further, there are also much more characteristics associated with the business plan. The business plan start at $99, and scope from that amount by $499, $599, and the uppermost plan, which area spot from $899.

Conclusion of Paragon Partition Manager:

For all users, it is important to control the computer’s hard disk to retain it freely and securely. The fixed windows default disk regulation device is not anything to note at home when it approaches disk management. Paragon Hard Disk Manager does the duty of controlling hard disks on windows computers, which may accessible for private and business use. With low-cost and incredible characteristics. Moreover, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a dynamic Hard Disk Management system. Moreover, It also permits you to develop your computer presentation and arrange your data. In addition to that, It also provides you with disk reproducing, disk management, disk conversion, and disk imaging. This is a considerable product for everyone locating an easy way to copy a hard drive or partition their hard drive. It has numerous useful characteristics and is simple?easyto use for students but also has sufficient advanced characteristics for other skilled students.


If you are looking for a reliable PC optimizer tool for your Windows System, then check out the complete review of Restoro on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Paragon Hard Disk Manager safe?

Paragon Hard Disk Manager has the most dependable and user-efficient tool that can be controlled in an easy environment. It has refined our data storage base more in a contrast to other tools.  Furthermore, File transfer is a quick and dealing system for moving data and is safe from viruses and hackers.

Q. How much does Paragon Hard Disk Manager Cost?

The home verifies the price is $80 for a lifespan licensee covering up to three private computers.  Moreover, The business method is greatly much more costly, costing $99 for a license that manages only one computer.

Q. Is Paragon Software reliable?

The Software works accurately and can be arranged and corrected for almost any type of planning operation. Furthermore, The data manufactured by the system extra hours, design a moral planning circle, with refined comprehension of loading and delivery hours, road speed, and customer group positions.

Q. Is Paragon PC only?

Paragon, the latest MOBA from Unreal Tournament and Gears of War maker Epic games is now accessible for anyone to play on PS4 and PC.

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